Differentiate your company with our clothing labels

Differentiate your company with our clothing labels
14 Jun 2018

If you have a company that sells textiles and you want the products you offer to be well differentiated, Britigraf advises you to try their labels for clothes. Our company is responsible for carrying out a professional technique of making ornaments for textiles. With this decorative tool, your customers can clearly identify the products of your company.

Our manufacture of labels is personalized, that is to say, we elaborate the decoration according to the priorities of our clients. Based on the corporate colors of your company and depending on the details you want to insert, our qualified employees will manufacture the best labels for your garments.

We want all customers who access their clothing store to remember the brand image of their business. For this reason, Britigraf is known for producing attractive labels that enliven the name of your company. Trusting us, we will help you with just a decorative item, your business get more recognition.

What types of clothing labels does Britigraf offer you?

We have in our catalog labels for clothes, of three different types of ornaments: hanging, printed and woven labels. In the development of hanging labels, our professionals use the traditional technique with the latest technology. In this way, the final result is incredible.

With our printed labels you can insert any important data of your business into them. We will advise you the best option so that the label can be perfectly adapted to what you are looking for.

Finally, our woven labels are used for any decorative element of your garments. If you have an identification logo, if you want your company's signature to appear on your clothes, you can add it with our woven labels for clothing.

Do not wait any longer and bet on our clothing labels

Britigraf invites you to familiarize yourself with our company so that you can rely on our clothing label making services. If you want to know how our professionals work, you can see it by visiting us at ELCHE PARQUE EMPRESARIAL - C / Alberto Sols, 18 -03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

For any other questions, our customer service phone and our email are active. Call us at (+34) 965 683 882 or send us an email to


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