Our rubber footwear ornaments are in multiple colors and shapes

Our rubber footwear ornaments are in multiple colors and shapes
27 Jul 2018

Our rubber footwear trims are of multiple colors and shapes. We manufacture them using the technique of microinjection of plastics.

For this purpose, a specific machinery is required which, together with high temperatures and pressures, provides high definition pieces practically exact to their design.

With this technique the use of the material is greater and allows the use of a great variety of colors and reliefs which helps to personalize the product with which it is intended to work.


With rubber shoe trims you can customize the shoe to suit your customers

The rubber ornaments are adaptable to any type of footwear. Your triumph in children's footwear is guaranteed. The explosion of shapes and color of our rubber footwear ornaments are a great publicity for younger customers.

Likewise, rubber ornaments are also viable in other types of footwear. Depending on their format and color they are ideal for personalizing summer women's shoes, high-top boots, sports shoes or even safety footwear.

If you want more information about our rubber footwear ornaments, you can go to the attached link

Of course, you can also customize other products you want. To give an example, rubber ornaments are ideal for bags, backpacks, jeans, children's clothing and a host of items that your customer will choose to buy when having the ability to customize them.


Our rubber footwear trims are made with high quality materials

We use high quality material to manufacture our rubber footwear ornaments. Our long professional experience of more than thirty years is endorsed by a work done entirely in Spain. We have both national and foreign clients.

Contact us and we will inform you about our method of work. If you wish, our creative team will personally advise you on different proposals.

We work quickly and meet deadlines. For this, we have fully trustworthy transport agencies, since we know that the completion of your project depends on the delivery of our work.

Get in touch with us through the channel that is most comfortable for you. We will attend you kindly. You can call us by phone, send us an email, fill out our contact questionnaire on the website or visit our facilities.


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We are the company of
ornaments for textiles that offers you a greater variety of options

If you need adornments
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We have an
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Although we mainly
manufacture pins, rings, terminals or handles, we are open to the realization
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Our creative team will
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When you meet us, you
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This is one of the
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To manufacture textile
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Our ornaments are
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Contact us through our
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If you wish, you can
visit us at our facilities located at Calle Alberto Sols, 18 - 03203 Elche
(Alicante) Spain.

Phone: (+34) 965 683 882

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