The manufacture of footwear ornaments, the point of originality for your product

The manufacture of footwear ornaments, the point of originality for your product
11 Sep 2018

We offer you the manufacture of footwear ornaments. The adornment on a shoe is the last detail of placement before its completion. It prints personality and distinction. It gives that point of originality on the rest that is the cause of being recognized and chosen by the public.

For all these reasons we consider the vital importance of a footwear ornament and we have specialized in its manufacture. For this we use different procedures, combining traditional processing with the latest printing technology.

Our long professional experience over thirty years makes us experts in the textile and footwear sector, being able to advise on the different advantages of each type of adornments.

Although our creative team is open to all kinds of suggestions and makes innovative designs, the largest percentage of our ornaments are usually pins, rings, terminals or handles.


The quality in the manufacture of footwear ornaments is essential to differentiate your product

Our manufacture of shoe trims is Spanish in its entirety and of great quality, which will be essential to differentiate your product from the rest of manufacturers.

We make ornaments for shoes for women and children, men, sports or work shoes.

Our professional team will attend you and listen to your proposals and needs. From that moment, we will design in a record time the ideal complement to place on your shoes.

For us, speed is very important, because we are aware of the need to meet the delivery deadlines for the smooth running of the manufacture of your product.


We are a leading company in the manufacture of ornaments for footwear

Our seriousness and commitment are the reason why our market expands to both national and foreign territory. If you are interested in our manufacture of footwear ornaments fill in the contact form that appears on the web and we will answer the questions you ask us.

If you visit our product catalog and our manufacturing techniques you will observe our wide range of services that we can offer you.

You can also send us an email to info (@) or call us at the telephone number (+34) 965 683 882, where we will attend you kindly.

If you want to visit us in our facilities, we are in:


Calle Alberto Sols, nº 18 - C.P. 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

Fax: (+34) 965 685 057


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