We are the supplier of footwear ornaments in Elche that offers a greater variety of materials and designs

We are the supplier of footwear ornaments in Elche that offers a greater variety of materials and designs
17 Dec 2018

Contact us to give a different touch and quality to your footwear. We are the supplier of footwear ornaments in Elche that we offer you a greater variety of materials and current designs.

It is vitally important that the final point in the development of a shoe is distinctive of quality and completeness, so that the beauty of this new footwear design is enhanced.

That is why we offer you our services. We are a company with extensive professional experience. We have been in the sector for more than thirty years, offering our product to the entire industrial footwear industry in Elche.

The manufacturing of our products, which is totally Spanish, combines the most current printing technology with other traditional aspects but which give quality to our product.

If you want to personalize your footwear, use it to identify it as a quality ornament with its own design.

In our company we have an excellent creative team that will listen carefully to your opinions and offer you different proposals, advising you on the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal.

As a Supplier of footwear decorations in Elche we have a wide range of solutions for your shoes

Our long experience in the sector as supplier of footwear adornments in Elche allows us to have multiple solutions for the adornment and finishing of your shoes.

We offer a wide range of accessories for footwear such as pins, rings, terminals or handles.

For its manufacture we use different elements so that the final result is a modern, current and quality product.

Among the most common we use is polyester, satin, linen, cotton or polyamide.

Nowadays the adornments in high frequency have a great acceptance in the market, with a very showy final result, and in which diverse materials can be united.

Through the recording by frequency waves, we can give shape and relief to your designs, which can be used in all kinds of footwear (sport, security, lady, gentleman or child).


If you are looking for a footwear supplier in Elche, contact us and you will be surprised by our professionalism

Contact us if you need a footwear supplier in Elche and you will be pleasantly surprised with our professionalism.

Proof of this is both our long experience in the sector, which already exceeds thirty years, and our large market because we work both in national territory and abroad.

We know how important it is for a company to meet deadlines. Therefore, we work in record time and very quickly so as not to hinder the smooth running of your business.


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Do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you have about our products and our professional team will answer you kindly.

For this you can fill out the contact form that appears on the web or send us an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.


If you prefer to visit us personally, we will be happy to receive you at our offices located at:

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03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain

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