Why do we make high quality Elche footwear decorations?

Why do we make high quality Elche footwear decorations?
25 Jan 2019

Britigraf is a company dedicated, among other activities, to the manufacture of Elche footwear.

Elche is a city that has traditionally been dedicated to the manufacture of footwear.

At present, it is an important industrial core of footwear of reference both nationally and internationally, since our product reaches all the markets of the world.

The footwear of Elche has a recognized international prestige due to its quality, its manufacture, its raw materials and its finishes and finishes.

It is in this last part where we intervene: in the elaboration of the adornments that give that final touch of distinction to the footwear of Elche.

We have been making ornaments and accessories for footwear for more than thirty years.

These footwear decorations that we manufacture are made 100% Spanish.

Currently we combine the long professional experience of traditional manufacturing with the latest printing technologies that exist in the market.

Thus, we can offer our customers adornments for Elche shoes of a high quality and that adapt to the demands of their product.


 We manufacture decorations for Elche shoes adapted to your needs


Thanks to the great technological innovations that we incorporate into our company, we can offer you a wide variety of Elche shoe accessories adapted to the needs of your products and totally innovative, followers of the latest fashion trends.

For the realization of footwear ornaments we use different techniques, depending on the materials to be used.

For example, for sport or safety footwear, we make high frequency embellishments, giving shape and relief to your designs. They are decorative elements of great showiness.

Among our Elche shoe trims we offer a wide range of pins, rings, terminals and handles.

These adornments adapt in form and style to the type of footwear to which it is destined.

For the realization of this type of objects we use the injection of thermoplastics, molding the pieces of different materials that allows us to offer an ideal product to personalize your shoes.

The other adornments that we made and that are having a great acceptance among the public are the rubber decorations for footwear manufactured by micro injection.

For this, a wide range of colors and thicknesses can be used. In addition, the great resistance with which they adhere to the footwear avoids problems of losses.


Our creative team offers personalized advice on decorations for Elche footwear

Britigraf has a highly qualified creative team that puts at your disposal to advise you on the Elche footwear ornaments.

We listen carefully to your proposals, we study your designs and we offer a totally customized solution to each shoe model.

We let you know our materials, colors and thicknesses. We have a wide range of qualities and finishes so you can check the quality and work we offer you.

If you want to know more about us, we invite you to fill out the form that appears on the web, making us a brief description of your needs.

We will contact you shortly to offer you the information you need.

You can also send us an email to or call us at (+34) 965 683 882.


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