We are the manufacturers of footwear components that facilitate the success of your collections

We are the manufacturers of footwear components that facilitate the success of your collections
30 Apr 2019

In order for your footwear collection to succeed in the current competitive market, you must take into account all the details. It is not enough with a good design or an aggressive advertising campaign. We are the manufacturers of footwear components that contribute to your collections having the success you deserve.

Each and every one of the components of the shoe that you want to be part of your next collection must be thoroughly studied.

On the one hand, the components must have the necessary quality to offer total comfort to the foot, regardless of the hours and situations in which the footwear is used.

On the other hand, the components must have the appropriate design to adapt perfectly to the style of the new shoe that you throw to the market, making it a success and in high demand among the public.

Perhaps, the shoe of your next collection has a novel and breakthrough design that needs some components that do not exist in the market.

With BRITIGRAF, you will find the shoe component manufacturers you need to make your shoe collections succeed in the international market.


We are the manufacturers of footwear components at the forefront of design and innovation

We are the manufacturers of footwear components that we are at the forefront in design and innovation.

We have an experienced creative team that will listen carefully to offer you the perfect component you need for your footwear.

In addition, it will advise you in a personalized and confidential way about different materials and techniques.

We unite the tradition and experience of more than thirty years working in the sector, to the innovation of the new materials and work techniques.

For this we have an excellent professional team, highly qualified and at the forefront of new trends.

We make this possible by going regularly to the International Footwear Fairs and Congresses, such as the one recently held at the IFA Exhibition Center, where we exhibit our products or collect information on the new guidelines of the sector.

At FUTURMODA 2019, we had the opportunity to show our novelties for next summer to a large number of visitors from various countries interested in the footwear sector.


If you are looking for footwear components manufacturers, trust BRITIGRAF

We advise you to trust us if you need footwear components manufacturers. We have been working for more than thirty years for the main shoe industries in Elche.

We have an extensive range of 100% Spanish and high quality products for footwear, leather goods and textiles.

Our main ornaments can also be adapted for the production of work clothes, men's or women's clothing and sportswear.

Among them we can highlight a wide series of pins, rings, terminals, handles, ...

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Phone: +34 965 683 882.


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