Manufacturer of footwear decorations in Elche, the best shoe ally

Manufacturer of footwear decorations in Elche, the best shoe ally
12 Jul 2019

The quality of a shoe is measured in its comfort and adaptation to the foot. Our manufacturer of footwear ornaments in Elche can become the perfect ally in the design of that quality shoe.

Britigraf has extensive experience in the manufacture of all kinds of decorative elements for footwear: buckles, buttons, pins, terminals, rings, handles. It's that job that puts the finishing touch to the final product. In our company we know that our products must be up to the footwear that is going to work. For that reason, our operating system is always thorough and professional.

With the passage of time and thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients, Britigraf has been able to consolidate in the sector and form a creative, qualified and close team. We love to listen to the requests of our clients to take a joint solution.

Our footwear manufacturers work with the most updated machines of the moment to offer the best proposals: color, material, object, etc.

Our company manufacturer of footwear ornaments in Elche uses high frequency in engraving

For the final design of the product, our manufacturer of footwear ornaments in Elche uses the high frequency engraving system. The application of high frequency gives shape and relief to our decorative elements so that they combine perfectly with the shoes to be treated.

Using these types of waves we get to increase the showiness of the shoe . It is very common to see this system used in sports and safety footwear. So, if you have a company that sells these footwear models and you want your customers to get even more attention to your products, we recommend having Britigraf.

In our company we rely on this advanced technique because the results are extraordinary. You can create amazing designs and combine them with different materials, textures or colors.

One of its main qualities is that it can be used in different shoe fabrics , although the most used is the plastic material such as PVC or polyurethane.

Trust Britigraf, your footwear manufacturer in Elche

If your business needs a manufacturer of shoe trims in Elche professional and with several years of experience in the sector, we recommend that you count on the Britigraf team. We invite you to contact us to know more information about our work performance, as well as all the adornments we can use on your shoes.

Our footwear components factory is located at ELCHE PARQUE EMPRESARIAL, on Calle Alberto Sols, 18, 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

If you wish to speak with us by phone, we invite you to call us at (+34) 965 683 882. We will gladly assist you and resolve any doubts that may arise.

If your purpose in speaking with Britigraf by email, we respond to you in the shortest possible time if you write to


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