Customize your brand with our labels for clothing and footwear Elche

Customize your brand with our labels for clothing and footwear Elche
22 Jul 2019

Britigraf offers you its clothing and footwear labels Elche in order to personalize your company's brand. Labeling is, perhaps, the most important part of a product. It is the element that identifies and differentiates what you sell.

In our manufacture of labels for textiles and footwear we take care that the customer can see the information of their product reflected. Our customized designs allow us to adapt the customer's needs in a product that is similar to the brand of the company.

We make all kinds of labels for footwear and clothing: woven, printed, cloth, reflective and hanging labels . In addition to offering a quality product, we also offer professional advice. If you do not know which label can be the best option for your product, we can advise you. Our more than 30 years in the label manufacturing sector allow us to provide professional solutions to professionals.


Our labels for clothing and footwear Elche are made in different ways and processes

Each of the different types of labels for clothing and footwear Elche offered by Britigraf, is manufactured by different process. For example, we usually work with laser cutting , a technique that allows us to give the shape we want to the label. Thanks to its great power and good finishes, we can obtain fantastic results in the short term.

Another technique used by Britigraf to make its labels for the textile and footwear sector is "embossing ". It is a recording system used to highlight the product.

Once our professionals have been in charge of using any of these or other label manufacturing processes, the customization of the product comes into play. In this aspect, Britigraf is also a specialist in the decoration of labels for footwear and clothing.

Our printed or hanging labels, for example, can be made with different materials to give the look that the customer is looking for in your brand. Also, they can include images or photographs that provide value or information of the product that is going to be sold.

Each decorative element adapts perfectly, offering surprising results. If you are looking for a company that can help you personalize your brand, trust Britigraf and its labels for footwear and textiles.


Are you looking for a label factory for clothing and footwear in Elche? Come to Britigraf

If you need a factory that can offer labels for Elche clothes and footwear for your company, come to Britigraf. We will inform you about our entire range of products that can help in the personalization of your brand.

If you want to ask for advice or advice, we will happily provide it to you if you call us at (+34) 965 683 882 or if you send us an email to . If you wish you can enter our contact page and fill in the form that appears.

Finally, we invite you to visit our facilities to meet Britigraf in person. We are in ELCHE PARQUE EMPRESARIAL, in C / Alberto Sols, 18, 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.


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