What a woven label manufacturer like BRITIGRAF can bring you: Exclusive design, personalisation and brand value

What a woven label manufacturer like BRITIGRAF can bring you: Exclusive design, personalisation and brand value
30 Nov 2021

Don't know which woven label manufacturer to turn to in order to put the finishing touch to your garments and give meaning to your brand? BRITIGRAF is one of the options you should consider if you are looking for quality, recognition and differentiation. Woven or embroidered labels are a very visual way of conveying to the public who you are (company name), what you offer (important information) or why choose you (slogan or tagline). 

For this reason, you should not underestimate the importance of this final phase that adds so much value to your products. It is as essential as any advertising campaign. At BRITIGRAF we are experts in embroidered labelling for clothing and, throughout our 15 years of experience, we have worked for several major textile companies. And we continue to do so with the same commitment and passion, as well as incorporating the latest technology and the highest resolution.

Unlike other manufacturers, the BRITIGRAF team can bring you 3 great nuances that will make your product stand out and make a difference in the textile fashion industry:

  • Exclusive graphic design

We carry out a detailed study of the design of your labels and we will advise you on the best combination of colours, shape, texture... or any other aspect you consider. We guarantee you a well-studied and professional graphic project that will attract all the attention of your target public. Our sales team, with vast experience in the sector, will explain all the details step by step. At BRITIGRAF you will always be supported by a 100% experienced and professional team.

  • Personalisation

We create personalised woven labels, that is to say: there will not be a label on the market that is the same as yours. They are original labels, Made in Spain and stand out especially for their excellent quality. At BRITIGRAF we offer unique and exclusive labels, to which you can incorporate identifying elements such as: the company logo, corporate colours, slogan or even a claim or phrase that appeals to and arouses an emotion in the end consumer. The creativity options at BRITIGRAF are truly infinite.

  • We add value to your brand

We increase the visibility of your company through creative labelling that adds value to your brand and allows you to maintain your good position in the market. If you have an idea in mind, we study it and give it shape. If not, our creative team can develop the best strategy to make your products visible. Keep in mind that at BRITIGRAF we apply the most advanced technology and a high definition and clarity of detail.

Isn't BRITIGRAF just the woven label manufacturer you've been looking for?

If you consider BRITIGRAF to be the most suitable woven label manufacturer to make you stand out in the fashion industry, do not hesitate to contact our best specialists.

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We will inform you about prices, qualities and we can even show you examples of label designs that we have recently produced and that have proven to be very successful in the sector. 

We look forward to your visit to our office located in the Industrial Park of Elche: Carrer Alberto Sols, 18, 03320 Elx, Alicante.

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