Assert the quality of your brand with professional garment label design

Assert the quality of your brand with professional garment label design
14 Jan 2022

The first contact between consumer and brand is through labels. This is why it is necessary to think about and design labels for clothing, footwear or the product you offer in order to generate a positive effect on the customer. Achieving this or not will depend on the efforts and care you put into your labelling strategy.

At BRITIGRAF we can make your customers look at you in a positive light through professional labelling. We design and manufacture all kinds of decorations and customised labels for the textile and footwear sector: hang tags, printed labels, fabric labels, reflective labels, woven labels... the latter, woven labels, are the most in demand due to their economic price and notoriety. The advantage of BRITIGRAF is that we can create the label design you want.

Our creativity knows no limits. We offer different types of finishes at a very high level of quality, such as High Frequency embellishments, by means of which we give relief to the labels, obtaining a more attractive visual aspect and giving them a special distinction, differentiating them from the rest.

We have the equipment, skills and technology you need to enhance the quality of your brand, which is why the major fashion brands trust our work.

Why is good clothing label design so important?

Often, we forget that labels are the key complement to persuade consumers in the purchase decision among so many options in the market. A good clothing label design with an attractive visual image and the necessary information will have a greater impact on the customer's psychology (why should I choose this product and not another?).

Winning over your target audience will depend on whether you have developed a good marketing, branding and design strategy. Just as social networks are used as a means of promotion and dissemination, labels are another means to inform, persuade and attract the attention of your customers, but with the great value that these are tangible, i.e. you can touch them, perceive them and get experiences from them.
At BRITIGRAF we have a design department with extensive experience in the fashion industry and brilliant ideas for the labelling of your new collection or product launch. We design all types of garments or clothing, for men, women or children.

Order us the design of labels for your brand's clothing 

Do you need an original clothing label design for your new collection? Place your order at BRITIGRAF and you will get a high quality label with the expected results and a fast delivery time.

To contact us, choose the way you prefer. You can call us on our telephone number +34 965 683 882 or write to us at If you would like a more personal contact and to see how we work, you can visit us with your mask at C/ Alberto Sols, 18 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

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