Do you need an advertising banner for your business? Britigraf will surprise you with its high quality printing and finishes

Do you need an advertising banner for your business? Britigraf will surprise you with its high quality printing and finishes
16 Jun 2023

What is large format digital printing and why do you need it?

Large format digital printing is a technique that allows the creation of high quality and resolution images on large surfaces, such as canvases, vinyl, signs, posters, rollups or displays. These images can be used for advertising, decorative or informational purposes, both indoors and outdoors. Among its many advantages over other printing methods, we highlight:

  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Personalization
  • Cost savings

In addition, it offers a wide variety of materials and finishes to adapt to the needs of each project.

What kind of projects can you do with large format digital printing?

Large-format digital printing allows you to carry out projects of all kinds and for all kinds of audiences. For example, you can:

  • Create posters or banners to promote your business , your products or your services.
  • Decorate your premises , your office or your home with images that reflect your personality or your brand.
  • Inform or sign events , offers, rules or addresses with labels or vinyl. It is very useful in fairs, exhibitions, concerts...
  • Showcase your work or your portfolio with posters or displays.
  • Call attention or surprise your customers with rollup or original canvases.

To carry out your project you can choose between different types of options, materials and finishes:

  • Tarpaulins : Resistant and flexible fabrics that can be placed on facades, fences or scaffolding. They can be opaque or translucent and have different weights and textures.
  • Vinyls : Adhesive sheets that can be stuck on any smooth surface, such as windows, walls or vehicles. They can be matte or glossy and have different effects, such as transparent, mirror or metallic.
  • Signs: they are rigid signs that can be illuminated or not and that are used to identify or signal a business or a place. They can be made of aluminum, methacrylate, PVC or wood and have different shapes and sizes.
  • Posters : Prints on paper that may or may not be framed and are used to display artistic or informational images. They can be satin or matte and have different weights and qualities.
  • Rollup : Roll-up structures that can be easily assembled and disassembled and used to present corporate or promotional images. They can have different sizes and designs and are highly demanded in presentations, conferences, courses...
  • Displays : they are three-dimensional supports that can be placed on a table or a floor and that are used to exhibit products or services. They can have different shapes and colors. They are widely used to display the work of artists, photographers or designers.

Where can you find a quality large format digital printing service?

If you are looking for a professional, close and personalized large-format digital printing service, we recommend that you contact Britigraf. We are a company specialized in digital printing and screen printing with extensive experience in the sector . We have an experienced design team that will advise you and offer you the best option for your project. In addition, we have state-of-the-art machinery and top-quality materials to guarantee optimal results .

As you can see, large format digital printing is a very useful and effective tool to communicate, decorate or inform. Do not hesitate to contact us: we will offer you a budget without obligation and we will help you carry out your project successfully.

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