How to choose the right labels for each type of footwear, garment or accessory

How to choose the right labels for each type of footwear, garment or accessory
3 Jul 2023

If you have a shoe, leather goods or clothing brand, you know how important it is to choose the right labels that identify your products. Labels not only serve to inform about price, size or material, but also convey the personality and value of your brand. For this reason, at Britigraf we offer you a wide variety of labels for footwear, leather goods, clothing, etc. tailored to your needs and preferences.

What kind of labels do you need? Ask BRITIGRAF

We offer you any option of labels for footwear: pendants, for plants, silicone, for waist, pictograms, etc. Among the most demanded we highlight:

woven labels

Woven labels are the most classic and elegant. They are made with threads of different colors and textures, creating personalized and high-quality designs. Woven labels are ideal for marking the name or logo of your brand on the inside or outside of your clothes or shoes. In addition, they are very resistant to washing and wear.

printed labels

Stamped labels are the most versatile. They are printed on different types of materials such as cardboard, cotton, polyester, satin... with ecological and durable inks . Printed labels allow you to include all the information you want about your product, such as the barcode, composition or washing instructions. You can also personalize them with images, colors or original shapes.


Adhesive labels are the most practical and modern. They stick on the surface of your products, without the need to sew or iron them. Adhesive labels are perfect for highlighting the price, offer or promotion of your items . You can also use them to give a creative and fun touch to your containers or packaging.

How to choose the best shoe labels for your brand?

As you can see, at BRITIGRAF we have a solution for each type of footwear or garment. But, if you still have doubts about which shoe labels are the most suitable for your brand, don't worry. At BRITIGRAF we have a team of specialized professionals who will advise you to choose the most appropriate labels in each case.

We distinguish ourselves by our closeness and personalized dedication to the client. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have and offer you the best option. Our designers will shape your ideas and offer you the necessary professional advice so that you have the labels you want.

Contact BRITIGRAF and ask for your budget without obligation of labels for footwear or clothing

If you want to give your products a distinctive and professional touch, do not hesitate and contact BRITIGRAF. We are experts in the manufacture of labels for footwear and clothing. We offer you quality, speed and competitive prices.

You can visit our catalog to see some examples of our shoe labels. Do not wait any longer and ask for your estimate without obligation. We will wait for you!

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