High-frequency shoe trimming: an innovative and versatile technique

High-frequency shoe trimming: an innovative and versatile technique
11 Oct 2023

Would you like to customize your shoes with ornaments that highlight their design and quality? Then you might be interested in the high-frequency shoe ornaments manufactured by BRITIGRAF, a company with a long history in the auxiliary footwear industry sector.

What is high-frequency and how is it applied to shoe ornaments?

High-frequency is a technique that involves engraving different materials using high-frequency waves, creating embossing and shapes. This technique is used to manufacture labels, ornaments, or parts of a shoe, such as toe caps, straps, or cuts. High-frequency is performed using a machine that generates heat and pressure on the materials, fusing and shaping them according to the desired design.

Among the main advantages of high-frequency we highlight:

  • Allows for the creation of embossed ornaments with custom shapes, adapting to the style and image of each brand.
  • Offers high resistance and durability to the ornaments, as they don't come off or wear out with use or washing.
  • Provides a quality and professional finish to shoes, enhancing their appearance and value.
  • Can be combined with other techniques such as screen printing or digital printing, creating more attractive and original visual effects.

Our high-frequency shoe ornaments: variety, quality, and customization

At BRITIGRAF we are experts in manufacturing high-frequency shoe ornaments. We have extensive experience in the sector and use the most advanced machinery to provide a quality and customized service to our clients.

Our high-frequency shoe ornaments are characterized by:

  • Being made from a wide variety of technical materials, reflective, neoprene, glitter, etc., adding color, shine, and texture to the shoes.
  • Being ideal for all types of footwear, such as sports, technical, safety, work, or casual.
  • Having different shapes, sizes, and embossments, according to each client's preferences and needs.
  • Being easy to apply to footwear, using adhesives or sewing.

We are the company you need for high-frequency shoe ornaments manufacturing

If you're looking for a company that offers quality high-frequency shoe ornaments, don't hesitate to contact BRITIGRAF. We are a company with over 40 years of experience in the footwear sector. We offer:

  • A professional, fast, and efficient service.
  • Personalized and close customer service.
  • An experience that's validated and recognized by our clients.
  • Guaranteed quality in all our products.

Don't think twice and request a quote without obligation. We will be delighted to advise and help you create the high-frequency shoe ornaments that best fit your brand. You can contact us by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +34 965 683 882
  • Location: Calle Alberto Sols, 18 – ELCHE BUSINESS PARK - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

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