Footwear labels personalize your product

Footwear labels personalize your product
19 Jul 2018

You should not downplay the label attached to any product. The label is an essential part of the product you market. Print character and identify the object in question. For this same reason, footwear labels also personalize your product.

From the design of the label you can identify the company to which that footwear belongs, thus increasing the visibility of your business.

The inclusion on the label of the logo and the color of your company, of your slogan or of any other corporate data that identifies it, is another source of publicity and expansion.

In Britigraf we have been dedicated for more than 30 years to the manufacture of adornments and labels for footwear, leather goods and textiles.


We offer different types of labels for footwear

Our extensive experience in the sector combines traditional manufacturing with high-tech printing today, resulting in a high quality product. For this reason we can offer different types of footwear labels.

Hang tags are essential to promote your footwear. It is the simplest way to identify your shoe factory or your business selling it. Make your brand visible from the data or images that you decide to include, because we always personalize your labels.

Printed labels are screen printed with a diversity of colors and shapes, depending on the design you choose. They usually carry information about your company that facilitates their identification. For this we use modern printing techniques. This type of labels, in addition to being used for footwear, are common in the textile sector.

Woven labels are essential if you want to convey to the customer that your product is of high quality. Therefore, the woven label must also be so. Our woven labels are made of cotton, satin, linen or polyester. Do not fray We offer them in different sizes and colors. You can choose them for sewing or ironing.

Through the technique of high frequency we can apply form and relief to your designs, which causes greater eye candy. It is basically used for the creation of ornaments for footwear or clothes.


Contact us and we will design your labels for footwear

Contact us. We will attend you in a personalized and professional way. We will give you a technical approach to your ideas and design extraordinary footwear labels that define your company.

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