Our manufacture of textile labels is 100% Spanish

Our manufacture of textile labels is 100% Spanish
17 Jan 2019

Do you need to contact a company dedicated to the manufacture of textile labels? Do you want to place your products with a different, quality label that promotes your business?

Britigraf is a textile label and adornment factory that has been working for the different footwear industries in Elche for more than thirty years.

Both our manpower and the raw materials we use in the manufacture of our products are 100 Spanish, thus guaranteeing a high quality of our articles.

The fact that it is a small element and that is not an intrinsic part of the object that is intended to sell, is not an excuse to underestimate the label of a product.

The label performs a highly relevant function in the sale of any item, since it is responsible for, with a simple glance, to distinguish and identify your business.

Through the label, the buyer will recognize the manufacturer and, in many cases, will be a determining factor in the choice of this item.

Therefore, it is vitally important that the label of a product represents the quality of the product, as well as leave no doubt about its manufacturer.

From the label, the consumer quickly recognizes your company thanks to, for example, the corporate color, the logo or a slogan.


We offer you a great quality and variety in the manufacture of textile labels

Within the wide variety of ornaments and accessories that we manufacture, textile labeling is one of our great specialties. We offer you a great quality and variety in the manufacture of textile labels.

This is possible due to the perfect combination we have achieved between our long traditional experience in labeling and the newest printing technologies.

Within our wide range of textile labels, we have four major types: hanging labels, woven labels, silk-screen labels and laser-cut labels.

The textile label is absolutely essential to launch a product to the market. It gives it a highly professional character.

Our textile labels, made of cotton or polyester, do not fray due to the heat sealing that we apply at their ends.

This way we avoid causing a possible negative effect on the items prepared for sale in which they are placed.

We offer labels with their own design, of different sizes and colors, with the ends folded and prepared for sewing or ironing.


Do you need the advice of our experts in the manufacture of textile labels?

Britigraf has a highly qualified creative team that will offer you personalized advice in the manufacture of textile labels so that your articles are fully visible to the public. 

Currently our market has expanded to the entire national territory and to a large number of countries abroad.

We work with numerous companies around the world and we know the importance of meeting deadlines.

Therefore, our work is done in record time and very quickly.

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If you are interested in contacting us, we offer different communication channels:

  • Fill in the contact form that appears on the web.
  • Send us an email to
  • Call us on the phone: (+34) 965 683 882
  • Visit us at our facilities located at ELCHE PARQUE EMPRESARIAL - Calle Alberto Sols, 18 - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.


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