Why are custom labels for footwear recommended?

Why are custom labels for footwear recommended?
14 Feb 2019

The personalized label has a much more important function than at first sight. The personalized label identifies the product and gives greater visibility to your business, helping to expand your sales. Therefore, it is totally advisable to place custom labels for footwear.

The customer who wants to buy a shoe, in addition to checking that it is the design that he likes, that is a model that fits with his style of dressing and that is made with the raw materials he wants, takes into account another aspect, such time is the most important: That the shoes are comfortable and adapt perfectly to your feet.

At the time of choosing a footwear to buy it, in many occasions, different models of shoes are discarded for the simple fact of not recognizing the manufacturer.

The same happens in reverse. This is the case of the potential buyer who chooses exclusively footwear models that carry a certain label that he recognizes.

The custom label for footwear is usually attractive and eye-catching, made with the corporate colors of the company, the slogan or the logo.

This facilitates the buyer, at a glance, to recognize who is its manufacturer, which gives quality assurance, latest trends and comfort design.


If you need custom labels for footwear, listen to our novel proposals 

For more than thirty years, Britigraf has been working for the industrial shoe center in Elche. We have a long professional experience that we combine with the most current technologies. That's why we recommend that, if you need custom labels for footwear, trust us because we are the best option.

In our company we have a highly qualified creative team that will listen carefully to your ideas and your needs.

Do not hesitate to ask us all the questions that you are asked about it. After this first meeting we will elaborate a profile of the type of label you want.

Next, we will offer you different proposals made based on your criteria and totally customized, for the footwear you want to label.

Our personalized labels are totally Spanish made. They have a high quality and cause a highly professional effect.

We have different types of custom labels for footwear. We offer you hanging, woven, printed, or laser cut labels.

Ask us for the type of label you need and we will adapt to your wishes. Our company has the most cutting-edge printing technology. We work a lot of sizes and colors, formats and materials.


We manufacture your custom footwear labels in record time

The main shoe manufacturers in Elche have been trusting us for thirty years. We know how important it is for a company to meet delivery deadlines and receive their orders on time. That is why we always manufacture custom footwear labels in record time and meet our delivery deadlines.

 Our greatest satisfaction is that our clients recommend us to their acquaintances. That is the best guarantee of our work.

If you want to contact us fill in the contact form that appears on the web or send us an email to

If you want to visit us in our facilities, we are in Elche Parque Empresarial. Calle Alberto Sols, 18 - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

Telephone: (+34) 965 683 882.



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