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20 Apr 2021

Do you need a specialist in the manufacture of personalised clothing labels?

On many occasions, people make the mistake of thinking that the label that accompanies the items on sale in shops is irrelevant. Experience has shown us the opposite, which is why at BRITIGRAF we specialise in the manufacture of...

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18 Feb 2021

We are the shoe trim manufacturers you need to increase the success of your products

With more than forty years of experience in the sector, BRITIGRAF is the shoe trim manufacturer you need to increase the sales success of your products. We offer you high quality shoe trims that will provide the right finish that your...

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29 Jan 2021

We add value to your shoes with the manufacture of accessories and plastic parts

Are you looking for  originality and freshness in your shoe collection  ? There are several components that make up a shoe and the nuances are the key to seducing your customers. At Britigraf we can help you achieve unmatched...

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15 Jan 2021

for Britigraf: supplier of quality gel insoles

Do you have a line of shoes to which you would like to incorporate Polyurethane gel insoles? The insoles are a fundamental part that we must take special care of, since it will depend on them that they recognize you as a  brand of...

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14 Oct 2020

Injected parts, the best solution to feel comfortable wearing your mask

The mask has become the main daily complement of the citizen: work, sports, leisure ... Comfort, adaptation and safety are three important factors that are required of an article that we wear for several hours a day. At Britigraf we...

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21 Sep 2020

Enhance your brand image with our digital printing technique

If you have just set up a company, you have probably thought about the best way to promote your brand from the very beginning. At Britigraf we use a digital printing technique designed to improve the promotion of any business....

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15 Sep 2020

At Britigraf we design the main image of your brand: the logo

Do you have a business idea? At Britigraf we can help you take the first step towards your success, shaping your brand. Our company has a qualified design department prepared to create your logo and use it on one of our products:...

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26 Aug 2020

Ornaments to personalize masks and hold them conveniently, the great challenge for designers

The mask has become a necessary complement in our daily lives. Why not give it a touch of styling? At BRITIGRAF we offer you a wide variety of ornaments to personalize masks that will allow you to meet two important objectives: Have...

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