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25 Mar 2020

Britigraf is committed to the environment with the use of ecological materials for footwear

Sustainable fashion  has become an indispensable trend to deal with the devastating effects of climate change. From  Britigraf  we want to contribute our grain of sand with the implementation of ecological materials for...

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21 Feb 2020

Differentiate yourself from the competition with our Shoe Label Manufacturer

As a Manufacturer of Footwear and Clothing Labels, we offer all kinds of solutions to make a company's brand visible, either through  personalized footwear   labels, clothing labels, hanging labels, woven, adhesive, printed...

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12 Feb 2020

Take care of your brand image with Britigraf, your manufacturer of Shoe Ornaments

Are you looking for a manufacturer of Shoe Ornaments to help you identify your company's brand? In Britigraf we use the most advanced techniques for the design and  manufacture of ornaments and appliques for shoes  . Our...

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30 Sep 2019

Britigraf will present its new designs of ornaments and labels at the K22 stand of Futurmoda 2019

Britigraf will present the latest trends in footwear components as well as all types of leather goods in a new edition of Futurmoda  . The international event of skins, accessories and footwear machinery will be held  on...

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27 Sep 2019

Britigraf will be present at the Lineapelle 2019 Fair with amazing products

The Lineapelle 2019 Fair will take place from October 2 to 4, the most important exhibition of accessories, leather goods, synthetic materials and leather of the textile and footwear industry  . As every year,  Britigraf...

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17 Sep 2019

Discover the advantages of buying personalized labels for the benefit of your business

If your brand is not visible to potential customers, your business does not exist  for them. We invite you to take into account all the advantages of buying personalized labels and then decide if it is beneficial to make your...

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9 Sep 2019

Custom thermo-adhesive labels to identify your brand easely

Custom thermo-adhesive labels are very useful for  marking a garment, footwear or object  with a  reduced economic cost . It is of special interest to those  entrepreneurs who want to get their brand remembered...

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26 Aug 2019

A decoration for shoes unique in the world

Thanks to the new technological advances of today it is possible to personalize your own footwear to your liking through the application of different techniques: serigraphs, digital prints, prints and prints, labels, transfers,...

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