Britigraf, your professional and innovative footwear label supplier

Britigraf, your professional and innovative footwear label supplier
22 May 2019

In any product that is launched on the market, its labeling corresponds to the last step of preparation of the article and is essential for its sale. If you need a shoe label supplier, Britigraf offers you professionalism and innovation.

Contrary to the opinion of some sectors that underestimate it in its desire to lower the final cost of the product, the label of an article has a great relevance.

In addition to the information related to the composition and technical characteristics of the genre, with the label the consumer also perceives other data of great interest.

Many times the logo, the corporate color or the slogan that is included in the label is enough for the client to recognize the manufacturer of the product, thus increasing the visibility of his business in a considerable way.

At Britigraf we are aware of the need to personalize and identify a product through its label, that is why we apply our effort and professionalism in achieving current and innovative results that fully satisfy our customers.

We present our news through international fairs in the footwear sector, as was the case with FUTURMODA 2019 last March.

We presented all our novelties for next summer's campaign and achieved total success among footwear, leather goods and textile manufacturers.


We are the shoe label supplier you are looking for

Britigraf has been acting as a supplier of footwear labels for many companies for over thirty years, among which are many factories of the important footwear industrial center located in Elche.

Our success is mainly based on the fact that we combine the tradition and experience of many years of work with the most advanced technological measures in printing.

The manufacture of our products is 100% Spanish and, in addition to labels, we also manufacture ornaments for footwear, leather goods and all kinds of textiles.

To do this, we have digital printing that allows us to give a great definition to our designs, also applicable to large formats of signage or vehicle labeling.

The customization of your labels for footwear can also be carried out through methods such as printing or engraving, applying the latest trends in fashion and design that will position your brand in the first places of market demand.

Another very current process that also allows us to make very varied articles is the injection of thermoplastics, such as eva, pvc, polyamide, etc.


As a shoe label supplier, we offer you a wide range of models

Do not hesitate to tell us what features you want your labels to have. As a shoe label supplier, Britigraf offers you a wide range of options.

Our team of designers will listen carefully to your wishes and advise you on the best options.

We have a long professional experience that we put at your service so that you are totally satisfied with the final result, as a shoe label supplier, we offer you.

Fill in the contact form that appears on the web, leave us your comment, and we will contact you.

If you prefer you can send an email to or call us at (+34) 965 683 882.

If you decide to visit us personally, we will be delighted to welcome you to our facilities located at ELCHE PARQUE EMPRESARIAL - Calle Alberto Sols, 18 - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain.

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