Britigraf: supplier of quality gel insoles

Britigraf: supplier of quality gel insoles
15 Jan 2021

Do you have a line of shoes to which you would like to incorporate Polyurethane gel insoles? The insoles are a fundamental part that we must take special care of, since it will depend on them that they recognize you as a brand of comfort . The key is knowing where to find the best gel insole suppliers.

If you want your production to be well received by your customers and to shine above the competition, make sure you first choose a reference gel stencil manufacturer. At Britigraf, for example, we manufacture different models of polyurethane gel insoles for safety and work footwear, sneakers, uniform footwear , or any daily use. Its delicate design provides a plus of comfort and health for the feet . With the use of our personalized gel insoles, you will generate good experiences in your clients, who will appreciate your efforts and will associate you as an empathic and committed company with well-being.

Thanks to the different techniques we use, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions . The gel is a highly versatile anatomical product that adheres to any shape perfectly. In addition, it can be used for different sectors such as footwear, rest, seats, advertising ... At Britigraf you will find various styles, models and protections that comply with current safety regulations .

Benefits of using Britigraf gel insoles

When footwear and textile firms are looking for an extra quality in their products, they do not hesitate to turn to Britigraf as a supplier of ornaments and accessories with full confidence . If you are thinking of changing your insoles for more current and comfortable ones, here we tell you the benefits of betting on Britigraf's gel insoles:

  • Quality and comfort : perfect for day to day as a solution to resting the soles of your feet.
  • Breathability : ventilation for sweat and odors.
  • Resistance and Durability : withstands high temperatures while maintaining a pleasant thermal sensation.
  • Excellent shock absorber - This material offers optimal pressure distribution.
  • 100% Made in Spain , specifically in our factory in Elche, the nerve center of the footwear sector par excellence.

All these qualities make our Polyurethane gel insoles ideal for your seasonal shoe collection . In addition, through the stamping and engraving process, we can engrave the name and / or logo of your company on the indoor plants as a symbol of exclusivity . In this way, you will help your audience to identify you more easily.

More information about our gel insoles: catalog and prices

If you are interested in our gel insoles, let us know and we will inform you extensively about the most competitive prices on the market . Tell us what your needs are so that we can start working as soon as possible on the design of your personalized gel insoles . We meet the deadlines!

You can find us at C / Alberto Sols, 18 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain. If you prefer, you can also call us at +34 965 683 882 or send us a message to with all your doubts and demands.

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