At Britigraf we design printed labels for clothing and fashion as a branding strategy

Printed labels for clothing
12 Mar 2021

Are you finalizing the details of your new clothing collection? Before launching it on the market, do not forget about printed labels , a complement that will add value to your product and improve your brand and recognition strategy . At Britigraf we apply advanced printing techniques so that your garments and articles are perceived as an exclusive good.

Many companies make the mistake of neglecting the labeling of their products, without thinking about the opportunities they are missing. With well-designed and thoughtful labeling, you can bring the company's values and product qualities together in one image . We live in the age of the visual, where any distinctive stimulus can motivate you to buy. Proof of this are trends such as packaging or unboxing , to which we could also now add the customization of printed labels .

At Britigraf we design and manufacture personalized fashion labels according to the message you want to convey: trust, comfort, status, quality, originality , etc. Consumers tend to stay with first impressions and based on them, act and make decisions. Getting rid of a bad impression is not easy, that is why it is so important that you start now to pamper small details such as the labeling or decorations of your clothes, shoes, bags or items.

How to make a bigger impact on consumers: the important role of fashion labels

Did you know that printed, hanging or textile labels help to place your brand in the minds of consumers ? In the same way that social networks are used to improve the image of the company, labels also play a very important role, but with only one difference: labels are tangible, which favors generating unique experiences.

Through persuasive labeling, your consumers are able to position you in the gigantic market and give you a positive assessment . If you want your customers to perceive you as a benchmark in the sector, Britigraf is the manufacturer of labels and decorations you need to take off and give meaning to your brand.

Our creative team works to generate good impressions through personalized labels with the logo, slogan, symbols or colors that represent the value of the brand.

For their part, our manufacturers improve your customers' experience by shaping and embossing your labels with advanced techniques such as High Frequency .

We are manufacturers of labels for clothing, footwear and articles

How would you like your customers to perceive you? If you want that when they see your label directly they associate you with a reliable, consistent and committed company with its customers, Britigraf can help you achieve it.

Tell us what idea you have in mind and we will translate it into practice. If you need inspiration, lean on our creative team to create original and groundbreaking ideas . Remember that an adequate presentation of your products can make a difference with respect to the competition. The labels designed and manufactured by Britigraf do not go unnoticed.

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