Looking for a clothing label company to help you personalise your clothing items?

Looking for a clothing label company to help you personalise your clothing items?
17 Jun 2021

Customizing the clothes you make and giving it your identity sign, on many occasions, is much easier than you can imagine. The secret lies in finding the clothing label company that will advise you effectively on the best way to integrate a quality label into your items that identifies your brand and shows the category of your company. Sometimes a simple textile label is essential to increase the number of sales of your jeans.

At BRITIGRAF we are specialists in the manufacture of different types of textile labels: hanging, woven, printed, silk-screened, laser cut, ... We manufacture labels to include them in all kinds of clothing : work, children, men or women, sports, etc. We have a highly specialized team of professionals who will advise you on the best options to create the label that best fits your clothes and in which you can insert certain corporate data of your company such as the logo, the insignia, the corporate color or the slogan of your firm , so that, quickly and at a single glance, the potential client clearly identifies your brand, thus increasing the visibility of your business.

BRITIGRAF, the clothing label company with 100% Spanish manufacture

If you are looking for a fully guaranteed quality clothing label company, at BRITIGRAF we offer you 100% Spanish manufacturing, where we use the best raw materials and apply the most advanced technologies together with an experience of more than forty years of traditional manufacturing. The result is an attractive exclusive label, of our own design and totally personalized that will highlight the quality of your textile article .

Among our types of labels most requested by our clients we offer you:

  • Pendant, perhaps the easiest to identify your product
  • Woven, they grant distinction and professionalism
  • Printed, made of different materials, depending on the type of garment
  • Applying high frequency we manufacture embossed labels

Many of these techniques can be combined with each other achieving spectacular results. With the application of high frequency waves we achieve a system of "embossing" that provides relief. With laser cutting we can drill or cut the material precisely and, finally, we can screen print our labels with attractive colors and drawings. The advantage of contacting BRITIGRAF is that our professionals offer you expert advice to achieve the final result you expect.

If you want to contact a label company for serious and professional clothing, call BRITIGRAF now

At BRITIGRAF we always meet our deadlines. We work quickly to offer you our product within the stipulated time and that it does not affect your production process. If you need a clothing label company, you must also take into account their commitment and seriousness .

At BRITIGRAF we have a long professional career and a wide portfolio of national and international clients who certify the quality of our work.

To request more information from our clothing label company, contact us by filling in the form that appears on the web or:

  • Calling the phone: +34 965 683 882
  • Sending an email to:
  • Visiting us at our offices: Calle Alberto Sols, 18 - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain. - ELCHE BUSINESS PARK

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