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15 Jul 2024

The role of the custom label manufacturer in a product's marketing strategy

What impact does a product label have on customer perception? Product labels play a crucial role in customer perception and can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.  As a manufacturer of custom labels, at...

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10 Jul 2024

Next Exhibition LINEAPELLE 2024: innovations in shoe trimmings

If you want to discover the latest innovations in accessories, components, and ornaments for footwear, leather goods, and clothing, get ready for the upcoming International Exhibition of LINEAPELLE. This prestigious leather fair,...

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18 Jun 2024

Footwear insole stamping: the easiest way to brand recognition

The world of footwear is a universe full of details and processes that often go unnoticed. One of these processes is stamping, a technique used to personalize and give a unique touch to your products. The stamping of insoles for...

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12 Jun 2024

Screen-printed shoe trims: a very interesting option for customization

Screen printing is a printing method that allows reproducing any type of design on a product. It is based on the direct application of inks through a screen onto materials: leather, patent leather, synthetic materials, EVA, PVC, etc....

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23 May 2024

With the production of high-frequency engraved shoe components, we offer you a unique and customized product

The high-frequency engraving technique is a process used in the manufacturing of components for footwear, leather goods accessories, clothing, etc., allowing for the creation of reliefs and decorations on synthetic materials. This...

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10 May 2024

Manufacture of shoe trimmings using the microinjection technique

Have you ever wondered how the ornaments that beautify our shoes are made? In this article, we will reveal the fascinating process of manufacturing shoe ornaments using the microinjection technique. The microinjection process used in...

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24 Apr 2024

Want to boost your brand? Find out how quality labels improve the perception of a product

Labels are not just a legal requirement or a simple sticker on your product. They are the voice speaking directly to the consumer, becoming a crucial element in building a brand's identity. Quality labels are a silent yet powerful...

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11 Apr 2024

Footwear labels: Trend-setting innovation

At Britigraf, we understand that innovation is key to the future. That's why our footwear labels are not only a reflection of quality but also of environmental commitment. We advocate for a green line with products that bear the...

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