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14 Nov 2023

Footwear trimmings with Carbon Footprint Label: a commitment to sustainability and quality

Did you know that shoe decorations can have a positive impact on the environment?  At BRITIGRAF, we are aware of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and offering our customers high-quality, ecological products  ....

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10 Nov 2023

Benefits of buying footwear accessories with the AENOR seal of approval

Did you know that BRITIGRAF has the AENOR Seal for quality and environment?  This distinction certifies that both our footwear accessories and other products and our services meet the highest standards of excellence, safety and...

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16 Oct 2023

FUTURMODA: the must-attend event for footwear professionals

Would you like to discover the latest trends in footwear accessories? Do you want to see the most innovative and eco-friendly products in the industry firsthand? Then you can't miss the next edition of Futurmoda , the international...

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11 Oct 2023

High-frequency shoe trimming: an innovative and versatile technique

Would you like to customize your shoes with ornaments that highlight their design and quality? Then you might be interested in the high-frequency shoe ornaments manufactured by BRITIGRAF, a company with a long history in the auxiliary...

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19 Sep 2023

Britigraf Novelties at LINEAPELLE Milan 2023: revolutionising footwear fashion!

Would you like to discover the latest trends in shoe accessories? Do you want to see Britigraf's innovations for the upcoming season up close? Don't miss the new edition of Lineapelle 2023, the international leather fair taking place in...

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8 Sep 2023

The importance of choosing eco-friendly shoe trimmings, the trend for the coming season

Do you want to know what are the latest trends in shoe decorations? We are increasingly aware of the need to care for the environment and reduce our ecological impact. Therefore, the demand for sustainable and ecological products has...

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16 Aug 2023

The benefits of using eco-labels and sustainable labels for your product

Why Use Eco-Friendly Labels for Your Products? If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and showcase your commitment to the environment, a great option is to use eco-friendly labels for your products. These labels...

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1 Aug 2023

Advantages of using microinjection in the manufacture of shoe decorations

Shoe decorations are elements that add value to the final product, as they give it a touch of personality and style. However, not all shoe decorations are the same, nor are they made in the same way. In this article, we are going to...

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